Audit and Assurance

Mile House Consulting audit and assurance programmes

Audit and Assurance Programmes

Conducted correctly, audit and assurance programmes can provide a mechanism for internal change and continual improvement, provide opportunity rather than cost and are an integral part of good effective risk management and corporate governance.

Mile House Consulting offers tailored solutions bringing independence and objectivity along with high levels of professionalism to ensure your organisation benefits from robust challenge and maximum value.

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Outsource your audit and assurance programmes to Mile House Consulting to benefit from a completely independent audit and assurance service from seasoned professionals with a wealth of knowledge and experience of auditing in private, public and non-for-profit organisations.

Internal Audit Support

Providing expert support for programme development and delivery of your internal audit programme, to ensure maximum value and minimum duplication.

Supply Chain Audit

Audit of critical suppliers is vital to enable your organisation to understand and manage the risks of 3rd party support. Mile House Consulting can provide that understanding through the delivery of audits of your critical supply chain partners.